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Promoting Back to School- Light Bright Mobile Black Signs

Ludington, A Light bright signs sells

A custom Light Bright portable black sign stands out in Ludington!  Light Bright portable black signs measure 4' by 8' black sign with neon letters heightens visibility for your business as cars drive past your Ludingtonbusiness.  Light Bright Signs help your business grow, tells the world about an event, and helps promote charities. A custom Light Bright portable sign creates instant, high visibility attention.

Order a Light Bright Portable Black Sign

Light Bright Signs are great to get the attention of job seekers, promoting a special your business offers to draw in new customers, congratulating a family member or friend boldly for all to see in the neighborhood. Your festival, craft fair, grand opening and just about any event gets lots more visibility with a portable black sign with neon letters.  Your Light Bright Sign will have 5 color options, green, yellow, pink, orange and white along with 2 different size letters to grab the attention of people passing your business in Ludington

Light Bright Signs offers plans from as little as one day or several months.  Do you have multiple locations, Light Bright Signs accommodates clients with multiple locations even across wide distances!  

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